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A tailored service adapted to your problems and your needs,
from the products development to the market launch in Europe and abroad.

Laboratoire R&D
Laboratoire R&D

Our laboratory attaches a great importance to the Innovation and the Creation.  Always looking for innovative textures, we carefully select each cosmetic ingredient for its properties and its scientific valorization in the formulas.

Within our laboratory, our team of chemical and biological engineers works together with its expertise and precision to offer our clients and prospects the tailor-made and the ready-to-use formulas.  

Sensory, Efficiency and Security are the key words of our laboratory. All formulas respect these three essential criteria.


These ready-to-use formulas are based on innovative concepts with specific galenics and suprising sensoriality.

  • Daily Care: including a large choice of BB and CC Creams (with or without SPF) adapted to every complexion.

  • Suncare Line: recognized expertise, different galenics, chemical filters and/or mineral sunscreens , SPF 15 to 50+

  • New Range 2016: Ecocert Suncare Line without nanoparticles.

  • Other formula ranges: Whitening, Anti-aging, Baby Care...


Previously tested and approved, we guarantee the Stability, Security and Quality of our products and the regularly enrichment of the AYCC catalogue based on trends.


Expert in Suncare Products 

Expert in Suncare Products

Thanks to his rich and diversified professional experiences, Dr. Abdellah YOUSFI has acquired highly specialized knowledges about chemical filters and mineral sunscreens.

So when he created his own company, his primary idea was to be specialized in the suncare products development, to enable his clients to benefit from his advanced know-how.

Formulated without parabens and phenoxyethanol, our Suncare Lines with SPF 15 to 50+ offer a broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection suitable for all types of skin. They also provide protection against the premature skin aging and the appearance of new spots caused by exposition to sunlight.


We regularly enrich our product catalogue according to trends as well as new regulatory requirements.

Suncare Products Catalogue

In our catalogue, we offer you 3 complete ranges of suncare products : 


Invisible Suncare Line*   

The use of new generation filters allows to leave an invisible film on the surface of the skin to guarantee the optimum protection which is suitable for all skin types.

  • Comfort Sun Cream

  • Invisible  Sun Spray

  • Invisible Sun Lotion

  • Dry Sun Oil

  • Comfort Sun Oil

  • Tinted Sun Cream : several shades available

Dermo-cosmetic Mineral Suncare Line* 

Exclusively formulated with mineral sunscreens, these suncare products are suitable for the chemical filters intolerant skins, for children and sensitive skins.

  • Mineral Sun Cream

  • Mineral Sun Lotion

Ecocert Mineral Suncare Line* (without nanoparticles) New Range 2016 

Formulated according to the requirements of "Ecocert" label, this range is also totally based on non nanoparticles filters. It is perfume-free and allergens-free, which makes it perfectly suitable for sensitive skin.

  • Ecocert Mineral Sun Cream

  • Ecocert Mineral Sun Lotion

  • Ecocert Mineral Sun Spray


* All of the SPF and shades are available on request.

Security et Efficacy Tests / Regulatory status:

  • Efficacy: SPF calculated and proved in vitro according to COLIPA recommendations thanks to our LABSPHERE UV 2000S.

  • UVA / UVB / critical wavelength: According to COLIPA method

  • Compliance to standards EU/JAPAN/CHINA/AUSTRALIA on request

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