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Full Service

A tailored service adapted to your problems and your needs,
from the products development to the market launch in Europe and abroad.


Regulatory Files


From cosmetic files to export facilities, we can take over the regulatory files of your products to guarantee their launch according to the regulation of your target market.

  • Check the Regulatory Compliance according to your market: Europe and International 

  • Assess your chemical formulas

  • Be your Responsible Person in Europe for imported products

  • Edit and Follow the files:

o   Product Information File (PIF)

o   Cosmetic Product Safety Report (CPSR)

o   European Notification on Portal CPNP

  • Provide export formalities assistance: USA, Gulf Countries, China, Korea, Japan...

  • Follow up of production batches

Certifications and Audits

We also assist our clients in certifications and audits: 

  • Technical support to comply with cosmetic GMP (BPF/ISO 22 716)

  • Technical support to comply with Organic certification labels: Ecocert, Natrue, Cosmos... 

  • Quality audit of private labels Factories OEM : France, Europe, China... 

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