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A tailored service adapted to your problems and your needs,
from the products development to the market launch in Europe and abroad.


Our team is committed to providing customers with products that meet the criteria of cosmetic requirements in terms of Stability, Safety and Quality.

Quality Control

The quality controls are carried out within our laboratory or with external partners:

  • Stability & Compatibility tests

  • Determination of AOP (After Opening Period)

  • Challenge Test (efficacy of preservatives)

  • Safety tests (cutaneous and ocular tolerance)

  • Efficacy tests on request

Suncare Technology

Thanks to its expertise in Suncare Products, our laboratory is equipped with advanced technology: LABSPHERE UV 2000S (spectrophotometer UV). It allows to measure instantly in vitro the SPF of the products to ensure the efficacy. As a result, our customers can benefit from a shortened development time for their formulas. 

Advanced Control Equipment


Our laboratory have also all the necessary equipments to ensure the quality of the formulas :

  • Optical Microscope: used for the study of emulsions, to evaluate the droplet size distribution, the continuous phase structure and the dispersion state of potential solid particles.

  • Viscometer: to measure and follow the evolution of the viscosity over time.  

  • pH-meter : to measure and follow the pH evolution over time.    

  • Centrifuge: to check the stability by a gravity test.

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